Coca Leaf – Deep Marble Sunrise Review


The sun goes up for some and goes down for others. And life moves on for all.
Wharf Cat Records, 2017
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5.9 / 10

With the cover art to Deep Marble Sunrise, I was expecting something more tranquil and calm. However, maybe I was thinking Coca Leaf’s members would surprise me with something other than their normal output. The project consists of ZZ Ramirez (Destruction Unit, Ukiah Drag), David Vassalotti and Carson Cox (Merchandise), and Ben Greenberg (Uniform). Here, they do turn down the volume a few notches from their sometimes LOUD other bands. But the result is no less unnerving. At least part of the time.

Coca Leaf seems to be one of those get-together type projects where members of different bands meet up and turn the mics on. Sometimes this is incredibly fun. And other times it can be downright self-serving. Deep Marble Sunrise straddles the line of both. Coca Leaf’s members have the goods no doubt to make whatever music they want, and here, that mostly means some experimental instrumentals. However, rather than following an actual roadmap, they just drive and drive. Sometimes in a car chase it seems on “Riding Ice”. Its squealing riffs and doom-and-gloom piano keys feel straight out of an exploitation film.

Contrast that song’s improvisational, jam band style with “Marbled Sunset”. It feels like a trippy progressive instrumental from an unreleased Pink Floyd album. It sort of bubbles rather than boils as this eerie snyth-laden nightmare. The sun going down in the distance perhaps for the final time in your life. But if that sun were to set for you a final time, you wouldn’t miss anything other than some friends having a good time. More for their benefit.

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