Haim – Something To Tell You Review


Haim is the modern day Wilson Phillips, but that's not a bad thing surprisingly.
Columbia, 2017
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8.0 / 10

My fellow Earbuddy writer Tom Alexander attempted to derail the Haim Train™ in his review of the band’s debut album, Days Are Gone. Long story short, the train continued to run smoothly on the tracks and now arrives at a new destination: their sophomore album, Something To Tell You. And I’ve got something to tell you. It’s pretty damn good. THIS…coming from me? A former metalhead, then alt-rock enthusiast, and now indie rock lover enjoying the sister trio Haim. What’s the deal, man? Sorry, but the songs are just…good. I can’t hate on an album this catchy or irresistible.

Consisting of toe tapper and knee slapper love songs. It’s hard to argue with Something To Tell You. It’s so simple yet so easy to enjoy. Then, when you watch the band perform live, you can’t help but fall for their charisma. Like how Estes Haim makes all of those adorable faces as she plays bass guitar. They make it hard to hate on them.

However, it has to be said that Something To Tell You‘s songs lyrically repeat themselves quite a bit. There’s an independent strength for sure, but we get it after the first five songs with six more to go. However, the Haim sisters change the ingredients so much that each song has its own distinct taste that you can’t help but enjoy. When their voices come together in harmony, it’s like the sun dawning across a beautiful horizon.

Let’s start with the album’s lead single, “Want You Back”. It’s a simple enough pop song about not being fully committed to a relationship until the relationship is over. This song makes it clear that Haim could be our modern day Wilson Phillips with a fate that promises a sing-along performance in a Judd Apatow-produced film (think Bridesmaids). Yet, for some reason, it disarms any chance of negativity, even though I referred to them already as a modern day Wilson Phillips. Why is this band so bulletproof? Maybe it’s their attention to detail behind their songcraft.

On “Ready For You”, you might notice that this has a funky R&B vibe akin to Prince. The reason for that is because the HAIM sisters incorporate a LinnDrum. There also may be a little George Michael butt swinging going on during the guitar melodies. I’m sure it looks better from the Haim sisters, but that’s my personal preference.

It’s obvious that Haim put a lot of trust in their producers and collaborators. On Something To Tell You, they work with Ariel Rechtshaid, Rostam Batmanglij, and Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes. Rostam helps “Kept Me Crying” come off as something experimental and satisfyingly filling rather than filler. He punctuates it with a sharp guitar riff and some distorted lo-fi chugginess. But the lyrics are also strong with Danielle Haim singing, “I was a lover/ I was a friend/ Now I’m only just someone you call/ When it’s late enough to forget.” No matter how late it is at night, you won’t be able to forget this album. In fact, you’ll probably be singing the chorus to “Want You Back” later today.

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