Jameszoo – Flake EP Review


Electronic music as awkward as your first time having sex.
Brainfeeder, 2017
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6.4 / 10

Mitchel van Dinther’s debut album as Jameszoo (Fool) has been described as awkward. At first, that seems like somewhat of an off-putting description. However, you have to hear a Dinther composition to understand it. Flake, a new EP of four songs and two remixes of the title track, gives listeners that opportunity. And they don’t have to commit to a full album for the experience. Here, awkward translates to almost improvisational. It’s as if Jameszoo is figuring things out as he goes; his tracks coming to life while in the moment.

Listen how the title track opens the EP. There’s a mouse squeaking about as an old wind up toy wakes up. Then there’s some staticky television fuzz. But before it feels like we’re going nowhere other than some random noises, a funky wah wah breaks in to suggest some bedroom bizness. Playtime is over; let’s dim those lights for some heavy petting. Eventually, everything settles down into a synth-heavy and then sweet piano melody. So, yeah, those are the twists and turns you get with a Jameszoo track.

His “awkward” style carries over onto “Rolrolrol”, which features his buddy and fellow producer Niels Broos. The track’s percussive clack and scrape give way to a bevy of dog-eared tones. Then, the song gets pretty before devolving into what sounds like robots farting. Who knew that robots enjoyed beans? Jameszoo did apparently. The experimental jazz that was the selling point of Fool makes an appearance on “Con”. This jazzy instrumental doesn’t last for long though as Jameszoo tweaks the DNA again. The song’s climax sounds suited for a Castlevania game. But for all of Flake‘s tinkering and playing around, you wish it was a little more fleshed out. Maybe Jameszoo will get there on his next full-length.

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