She-Devils – She-Devils Review


Don't even try to resist She-Devils' attractive self-titled debut album.
Secretly Canadian, 2017
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6.9 / 10

She-Devils’ self-titled debut is refreshing in that it’s not trying to hook you with a narrative or over-arching theme. Rather, She-Devils wants to make you feel good. Enjoy music for what it is: an auditory dessert that leaves you feeling fat and happy. Okay, so maybe not fat but happy. This love of music comes from She-Devils’ duo, vocalist Audrey Ann Boucher and bandmate Kyle Jukka. Boucher’s approach to singing is following her instincts on what the music calls for. The music, She-Devils’ members hope, is visual to its listeners because that’s the intent. Indeed, the album’s ten songs do evoke this sort of sensation.

She-Devils use many samples in their songs. As a listener, you’ll likely draw memories from your head of what some of these samples originally belong to. You’ll think of films, cartoons, life in general. On “How Do You Feel”, the song uses these twirling sonic effects akin to a cartoon character being bopped over the head and then seeing birds flying around in a circle. A feeling of dazed euphoria; somewhere close to unconsciousness. In this situation, you would eventually wake up in a past that’s black and white rather than in color. She-Devils’ music more than once harkens back to an older time.

Most of the songs are downtempo with flashes of garage rock snarl and psychedelic tendencies. But it also has this ’50s pop swagger to it. Never punishes the senses, just attracts them with its sweet aroma. This happens even in the unlikeliest of songs like the revenge-fueled “Make You Pay”. Boucher sings, “I got a gun in my pocket/ And I’m ready to fire.” Doesn’t sound like this is going to end very well for the person on the receiving end. Its guitar riffs straddle the line between surf and western. Although the duo seems prone to retro tendencies, they’re not bound to them. The bubbly melody behind “The World Laughs” sounds like something from Animal Collective. Most importantly though; nothing here is ever dull. “Don’t try to resist me/ Come,” Boucher sings on the album’s opener. I think you should do what she says.

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