WATERS – Something More! Review

waters something more!

Name drops Weezer; tries to be Weezer.
Vagrant / BMG, 2017
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5.5 / 10

For WATERS’ latest album, Something More!, the five-piece band is carving out space in the coveted alt pop arena. The same territory of legends like Weezer, current kingpins like Cold War Kids, and up-and-comers like MISSIO. WATERS’ frontman Van Pierszalowski has been in the game for some time now, so if he feels an affinity with any of these acts, then it’s most likely Weezer. Pierszalowski and company toured with Weezer in the past. He even namedrops Weezer in a song. It’s no surprise then that they’re taking Weezer’s approach to relevancy by ignoring their ability to rock and focus on the shiny pop stuff. The songs that the kids will enjoy.

This means more radio play and songs built from hooks. Sure, there’s emotion behind them. More often than not Something More! even achieves a feeling of nostalgia. Still, the album’s production is pristine to an insufferable effect. Everything feels glossy rather than raw. Like a shiny new cellphone when the old one works just as well. WATERS’ songs are undeniably catchy, but it’s the kind of catchy that wears thin after repeat listens. Especially if it becomes inescapable; meaning that you’ll hear it everywhere whether it’s the radio, department store, whatever. And really these songs can be THAT popular. But Something More! feels like something less.

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