Will Stratton – Rosewood Almanac Review

will stratton rosewood almanac

As long as there are coffee houses, there will always be Will Stratton albums.
Bella Union, 2017
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6.4 / 10

Rosewood Almanac marks the sixth album from Will Stratton and his first for Bella Union. The label makes a good home for Stratton’s acoustic, folk pluckings. His voice has a gentle, cradle-you-to-sleep quality. However, the Stratton-faithful won’t fall to sleep so easily. Instead, they’ll hang on his every word as he touches on subjects such as aging, his battles with cancer, and even politics. Guess how Stratton feels about Trump. Hint: he doesn’t like him. On top of this, you also get what you expect from Stratton: his musings on human nature and vivid, lyrical imagery. But you also get some surprise instrumental sparks from electric guitar and strings. All of these elements mesh well for an enjoyable yet never challenging album.

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