Pond – The Weather Review

the pond weather

Ariel Pink meets Tame Impala...surprised we never made this connection about Pond before.
Marathon Artists, 2017
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6.1 / 10

Pond‘s members continue to dip their toes deep into glam rock on their latest album, The Weather. I guess The Weather is sunny; a glittery sunshine that blinds you no matter where you stand. As the sister project to Tame Impala, Kevin Parker takes on production duties. He helps out like you would expect from a more successful big brother. Still, the music is never as infectious as anything from Tame Impala, especially Currents. Maybe it’s because Nick Allbrook (ex-Tame Impala bassist) prefers zaniness over solid songwriting.

However, The Weather never lacks creativity. It’s plenty colorful with some interesting parts. In fact, it often feels like a combination of Ariel Pink and Tame Impala. Certainly, this will intrigue many of you to listen to The Weather. And, to be fair, there’s never really a dark cloud in the sky. But sometimes too much sun can be a little boring. Allbrook seems to realize this as well. He tries to touch on heavier issues like nuclear war (“30000 Megatons”), but it’s hard to take him seriously. So, I guess all you can really do is just chill and enjoy the sparkly sunshine.

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