Bonny Doon – Bonny Doon Review

bonny doon

As interesting and provocative as its cover art
Salinas Records, 2017
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4.0 / 10

Do you ever feel like Real Estate, the band, is just too exciting? Have you ever needed to press the “Skip” button on Pandora whenever a lukewarm indie band rises about 90 beats-per-minute? Is rock-n-roll just too much for you? Well, dear reader, do I have the album for you! Bonny Doon’s self-titled album is the feel-nothing album of the year. If you ever drink coffee after 6PM and want to find a way to calm yourself down before bedtime, throw Bonny Doon on. Its easygoing, relaxed, jangly guitars will carry you away to the land of slumber. Or maybe the deadpan vocals that seemingly stay within one comfortable octave the entire record, maybe that’s what you need. If those two things sound like a little “much”, don’t worry — the limping, tired tempo will surely mellow you out.

“Key” Tracks:
“I See You”