James Elkington – “Wading The Vapors”

James Elkington

photo credit: Timothy J Harris

James Elkington has shared a new song from his forthcoming album, Wintres Woma (Old English for “the sound of winter”), which arrives June 30th via Paradise of Bachelors. The new song is “Wading The Vapors”. Listen to it below and get the meaning behind it from James himself.

James Elkington on the song:

The village I come from is mostly hills and pubs. As teenagers, my friends and I would climb the hills and cycle through these pubs in the span of a couple of weeks. One place lay at the other end of a half-wild, unlit area of woods called “the common,” an area populated nightly by juvenile glue-sniffers and middle-aged dog-walkers. The drunken walks back from this pub as the fog rolled in over the common were weird and unsettling in the best way, and I tried to pull all of that into “Wading The Vapors.”

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