Colin Stetson – All This I Do for Glory Review

colin stetson all this i do for glory

Colin Stetson wrestles with his saxophone on All This I Do for Glory. Things get intense.
52HZ, 2017
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7.5 / 10

Tall Tall Trees, the project of Mike Savino, uses just a banjo to create some of the most interesting songs you’ll hear. Colin Stetson is a master of the saxophone much like Savino is with the banjo. Ever watch Stetson play his saxophone live? It’s an intense wrestling match between man and instrument. In fact, just check out the video below, and you’ll see how intense he gets. I lost my breath a couple of times watching the man do his thing. He does his thing a lot on his new album, All This I Do for Glory. Sometimes the way he blows his horn sounds like a person humming a beautiful harmony. It’s very deceiving, but in a good way.

Also impressive about this album is how much Stetson employs percussion. It instills his compositions with more urgency. “Between Water and Wind” and “In The Clinches” are particularly exciting for this reason. On the former, it sounds as though something is being tightened with great force while a horse trots around the room. Stetson may have a second career doing Foley work. The track eventually evolves into something tribal.

Glory‘s best moment is the shortest track, “In The Clinches”. It sounds like the work of Nine Inch Nails rather than Colin Stetson. Stetson’s playing sounds like an angry man yelling. It releases an aggressive energy that’s thrilling and a bit terrifying. A similar moment comes on “Like Wolves On The Fold” where Stetson’s sax melds with a subtle howling, seemingly transforming into a beast. The song then takes on a snarling menace.

All This I Do for Glory isn’t without its more meditative moments. “Spindrift” feels spiritual as its melodies seemingly lift your body from the ground. Album closer, “The Lure of the Mine”, is the album’s longest track; clocking in over 12 minutes. Its progression doesn’t come fast. Instead, it builds slowly, testing your patience. Expect your mind to wander in response. However, it won’t wander too far from this album. It may just start back at the beginning.

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