K.Flay – Every Where Is Some Where Review

k.flay every where is some where

Edgy millennial pop music that passes as modern day alternative.
Night Street / Interscope Records, 2017
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5.8 / 10

Every Where Is Some Where is the sophomore album from K.Flay, aka Kristine Flaherty. The new album retains the four songs from the Crush Me EP, including “Blood in the Cut”. Even with eight new songs on this album, “Blood in the Cut” remains the strongest song. Although K.Flay can’t follow it up with anything as instantly addictive, her new songs aren’t horrible. Maybe a little generic. But it’s understandable why K.Flay is popular. She checks off a lot of boxes to satisfy the requirements for edgy millennial pop music. She swears, she embraces her sexuality. Throw a little rock behind her songs, and it passes as modern alternative. In fact, she might be playing a role as alternative music’s Kesha. The attitude and glitzy production are both in place. The question then is do you like Kesha?

Or do you like old school alternative rock bands like Nirvana? If that’s the case, then you’ll likely reject everything K.Flay. Especially the song, “Champagne”, that recalls her early years of rapping. It’s somewhat ironic that the song is about celebrating vices because K.Flay’s rapping is…well, bad. Elsewhere, K.Flay does two requisite 2017 political songs: “Black Wave” and “The President Has A Sex Tape”. While “Black Wave” is at least catchy, “The President Has A Sex Tape” is a stumble like the one Kelsey Grammar had off a stage. It fails to grab hold on an album full of songs with that exact purpose.

K.Flay also expresses her sensitive side on Every Where Is Some Where on songs like “Mean It” and “You Felt Right”. On “Mean It”, she yearns to find true love, “So when I say I love you I want to mean it/ Cause I say a lot of things that I don’t mean.” She also sings about her desire to be a mother one day. Later, she meets Mr. Right…er Mr. Wrong on “You Felt Right”. Turns out the perfect guy not only comes with too many tattoos but also a girlfriend. Still, K.Flay can’t resist him; though, it doesn’t turn out well for her. That is, until now that she’s made this story a song. Swift revenge, right? I don’t deny the album is catchy, but I’m old school alt rock.

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