Said The Whale – “Miscarriage”

said the whale

Vancouver-based indie band Said The Whale have released a deeply personal new song, “Miscarriage”. The song deals with the two miscarriages that singer Tyler Bancroft and his partner went through in 2015. The song appears on the album, As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide, which is out March 31st on Hidden Pony Records. Listen to the new song via Noisey below.

Said The Whale’s Tyler Bancroft on the song:

Miscarriage is a unique kind of loss in that you’re mourning what could have been. It’s a lonely kind of loss, because miscarriage is rarely discussed. And it’s a loss of control – realizing that the future may not turn out the way you had imagined it. For me this was especially disarming since I didn’t realize how much I wanted a child until I was faced with the possibility of never having one. Miscarriage strips the joy from pregnancy and turns it into a source of grief and anxiety. But whatever sadness and anger I was feeling was only a fraction of what my partner was experiencing. The shame associated with her body not doing what it’s “biologically designed to do”, the loss of control, and the uncertainty about reproductive health – these things are all devastating. Watching the person you love go through that is heartbreaking, and it took everything I had to comfort her along with trying to comfort myself. I wrote this song in the throes of our experience. It was cathartic and therapeutic, and a lot of tears were shed. I won’t say I’m glad we went through what we did, but I will say that our experience has provided me with a perspective and an empathy that I may not have otherwise had. Our experience also makes me feel like theluckiest person on earth because our story has a happy ending – our third pregnancy was carried to term and our son was born in the summer of 2016.

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