Las Rosas – Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want Review

las rosas everyone gets exactly what they want

Don't be so harsh -- we were just goofin', dude.
Ernest Jenning Record Co., 2017
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5.0 / 10

You’ve already heard Las Rosas’ music before. I know you’ve already heard it because you’ve already heard Foxygen‘s music before. And I know you’ve already heard Foxygen’s music before because you’ve heard a few songs by the Rolling Stones. But hey, if you’ve never heard a song by the Rolling Stones before, well I have an album for you. Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want has the twangy guitars, nasaly vocals, and back-up “oooohs” and “ahhhs” that’d make a kitschy ’70s rock throwback record. I’m not saying that Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want is a kitschy ’70s rock throwback record, but it has all the right ingredients.

It doesn’t help that Las Rosas have the exact same aesthetic as Foxygen. Are they joking or being ironic or being incredibly sincere? Photo-ops with purposefully tacky period clothes; overly cute self-written biography on their Facebook page; it’s just enough to let you know that the band is in on the joke, but maybe they’re not. But maybe they are. Who cares?

Everything Gets Exactly What They Want isn’t a bad record, but it feels like a thrice-reheated meal. You’ve had it before, and it was great. You put it back in the fridge, let it cool, then nuked it for some pretty-good leftovers. Then you left it in the fridge again, and it’s getting to that point where if you don’t eat it now, you may as well throw it out. That meal was once great, but now it’s a shade of what it should have been. This sounds overly negative, but it’s hard to get excited about a lack of ambition, imagination, and a performance that both wants to be a winking tribute and serious effort. If it fails, at least they can say, “Hey, we were just goofin’ really, don’t be so harsh, dude.”

Key Tracks:
“Ms. America”
“Mr. Wrong”