No Joy – Creep EP Review

no joy creep ep

They're called No Joy, but I still had fun with this Creep.
Grey Market, 2017
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7.5 / 10

I usually take no joy (heh) in shoegaze. But I can make an exception when it’s not the main focus of a band’s music. Up to their new EP Creep, No Joy have been known as a shoegaze act. The duo of Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd is known for playing with their backs to audiences (back gaze?). However, there is no audience to hide from on Creep, and No Joy shouldn’t hide. Creep is a great introduction to the band and their versatility. The EP was written by frontwoman Jasamine White-Gluz and producer Jorge Elbrecht. When you think Elbrecht, you may think of Ariel Pink. Elbrecht has worked with him in the past. Some of that spontaneous creativity winds up on Creep.

“Califone” opens this release how we’d expect with its surf guitar chords giving way to shoegazey textures. However, the EP’s final song “Tearing Apart The Dark” swings in a different direction. Part soft and part hard, its sensuality gets decimated as the song segues into industrial rock. It’s surprising but also feels natural. The EP’s other two songs display some New Age tendencies; though, “Fluorescent Dread” feels like an experiment in the studio rather than an actual song. I don’t think we’ll hear this one on a future LP. “Hellhole” treats listeners to a smidge of good-hearted pop vibes, but the song still sprouts the beard of Lucifer. Obviously Creep leaves us wanting more, and hopefully this is just an appetizer for something bigger this year.

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