Syd – Fin Review

syd fin

The debut album from the Odd Future singer has a heck of a payoff.
Columbia, 2017
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8.1 / 10

The punchline that Fin builds to over the course of its entire runtime likely won’t translate well to the page.  However, trust that this lands in context: the closing track, “Insecurities”, unexpectedly shifts from the understated-but-confident brand of new-age R&B all throughout this brief album and allows room for a twangy electric guitar while Syd lets out a “baby” with a snarl.

I know, that doesn’t sound like anything special, but every previous song on Fin treats music like a straight line.  No room for improvisation seemingly exists within its walls.  It’s an approach that works thanks Syd’s commanding hush meshing flawlessly with the collection of beats that are on par with Frank Ocean’s blonde.  So for there to be such a apparent deviation in Fin‘s closing ninety seconds feels like an earned payoff. Moreover, given that Fin is only thirty-seven minutes long, it gives the impression that Syd is in the early stages of being the next big thing in R&B.  This isn’t bad news in the slightest.