Froth – “Sensitive Girl” (Official Music Video)

Froth have dropped a video for “Sensitive Girl”. The song appears on the band’s forthcoming album, Outside (briefly), out February 24th via Wichita Recordings. If you think the video looks a bit strange, that’s because it was shot on Super 8 footage. Below is what the band had to say about the video.

Jeremy Katz (bass) on the video:

The video is made of super 8 tour footage we shot around South Africa and Europe. We borrowed a friend’s camera and bought 4 rolls of day light film, and then remembered that 90% of days on tour are spent in the van, which can be boring for a film. So we tried to have as much fun as we could for the 20 minutes in between getting out of the van and loading in and that’s where most of the footage comes from.

Joojoo Ashworth (guitar / vocals) on the video:

I like the video a lot because we don’t really make music that you would think ‘oh these guys are silly and have a sense of humor’ but we’re pretty average silly guys and you can kind of see that in the video. Especially with Cameron.

Froth is: JooJoo Ashworth, Cameron Allen (drums), Jeremy Katz, and Nick Ventura (guitar).

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