Middle Kids – Middle Kids EP Review

middle kids ep

Middle Kids do it right on their self-titled debut EP.
Domino, 2017
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8.0 / 10

With Sir Elton John’s praise behind them, Aussie trio Middle Kids1 are poised to conquer the world. Last May the band debuted with the single, “Edge of Town”. That song put Middle Kids on the radar of indie blogs everywhere2. Now they make good on that debut single’s promise with a six-song self-titled EP. Middle Kids is undeniably catchy with no filler. Its songs stand out in part to their energetic choruses, which immediately sink their hooks in.

If you missed hearing “Edge of Town” last year, it appears on Middle Kids. In the song, singer Hannah Joy expresses a desire to escape. However, that proves to be difficult as she feels out of place anywhere she goes. The song’s melody sways like a Viking Ship before Joy turns it up in the song’s finale. In its closing moments, she sings, “Hey, guys/ I’ve got something on my mind/ Tick tock/ Can I take it for a while?” Hannah Joy is the perfect frontwoman. Her voice possesses a folksy lilt that mixes well with the band’s confident guitar rock.

Middle Kids‘ five new songs offer up thrills matching the energy of “Edge of Town”. “Fire In Your Eyes” revolves around being with someone you instantly connect with. “Let me feel the fire in your eyes/ Because I’m sick of being cold,” sings Joy. The song really comes alive as she harmonizes some “nah, nah, nahs” through its crashing drums. “Old River” begins on a somber tone with a touch of lap steel. But the song’s middle transitions into an urgent call to arms ending on an explosive note.

“Doing It Right” strays from the band’s guitar-centric style. The piano-based song closes the EP in fine form as Hannah Joy questions whether she’s achieved at adulthood. “Hang on/ Am I doing it right now?” she sings. The song feels very reminiscent of Fiona Apple and shows Middle Kids are more than just a rock band. Indeed they are doing it right.

1. The trio consists of vocalist / guitarist Hannah Joy, producer / multi-instrumentalist Tim Fitz, and drummer Harry Day.
2. It also caught Elton John’s ear. He added it to his Apple Music playlist and aired it on his Beats 1 radio show.

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