ela minus – “Ceremony”

ela minus

Gabriela Jimeno, aka ela minus, releases her Adapt. EP on February 17th. The new EP is the third in a trilogy and showcases Jimeno’s impressive growth as a musician. Jimeno has been called a “wizard” of hardware machines and drums. She even performs live using her synthesizers, sequencers and samplers with no laptops in sight. Listen to the new song, “Ceremony”, from her EP below.

ela minus on the new song:

“Ceremony” is about getting bored of the unceremonious world we live in. We have put ourselves in a position where being nice but untruthful is more acceptable than being blunt and honest. And that breaks my heart. I think taking everything more lightly, makes us be able to see things in a more honest way, it allows us to be more free, so we communicate better, and create better things.

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