Rainbrother – Tales From The Drought Review

rainbrother tales from the drought

Prepare to paint your face and chant your ass off.
General Bird, 2017
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6.7 / 10

Rainbrother is the new project of Bjarke Bendtsen. His first project The Migrant gained some traction but ultimately dissolved after seven years. Now Bendtsen teams up with fellow like-minded Danish musicians in Rainbrother. On Tales From The Drought, they explore the mystical side of folk music. Midlake‘s enchanting melodies combine with Fleet Foxes‘ gorgeous harmonies.

Rainbrother’s music evokes ancient spiritual qualities. Chants pervade the multi-faceted arrangements on Drought. “East African Dream” is dominated by them, and transcendence seems within the band’s grasp. On “Birds Don’t Fly”, the song’s title is softly uttered as a mantra. However, a primal scream rips through the quiet atmosphere. “Break Out” eschews Rainbrother’s softer folk melodies for urgency. Bendtsen repeatedly runs through some oddball lyrics on the song before declaring, “I like you.”

Given the nature of Tales From The Drought, it likely appeals to a crowd that enjoys its music with psychedelics. If someone invites you into a teepee and Rainbrother is playing, expect a sharing of goodies. The band’s infatuation with nature suggests its members having hippie tendencies. If they sported tribal paint while performing, I wouldn’t be surprised. The question is, will you be wearing paint as well?

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