Migos – Culture Review

migos culture

Is this a Vine thing? Is that what we're not getting?
Quality Control Music / 300 Entertainment, 2017
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1.0 / 10

Culture, the second studio album from the Southern rap trio Migos, starts with its title track, in which DJ Khaled admonishes Migos’s haters for not thinking they could make it as far as they have and warning them that their next album, Culture, is coming soon. He’s the best part of the song, actually—he sounds excited to be here, and that’s more than I can say for Migos on this and any other track on this album. His propensity for exclamations makes him tiring, but it informs that at least one person who worked on this album reads, at the very least, at a second-grade level.

Migos rap about the usual sort of gangster shit you’d think of when someone uses the phrase “gangster shit” over the usual sort of trap music you’d think of when someone uses the phrase “trap music”. This limited scope and range represent solid strikes against the group, but they might have been forgiven if there were any degree of entertainment value to be garnered from their music, and I and the rest of the Earbuddy staff are perplexed as to how anyone can find something worthwhile here. The three sound bored of themselves, stuck in their gaspy loop of monotonous whispers that’s about as thrilling and intriguing as doing a load of laundry. They shoot guns, they fuck women, they get frustrated with themselves when they forget to pick up carrots from the grocery store, and apparently Young Metro trusts them because he hasn’t shot them yet, which I guess is worth something (a whole point, actually).

Put simply, Migos are destined to become muffled rap music playing in the distance. Hey, we can’t all be doctors.