Fresh Wax: Burkini Beach Is Devastatingly Good

Burkini Beach1

Rudi Maier previously played indie-punk in the two-piece project The Dope. Now Maier is venturing on his own as a solo artist under the moniker Burkini Beach. With a style that’s likely to recall such favorites as Elliot Smith, Death Cab For Cutie, and Sufjan Stevens, the versatile Maier has just completed his debut album as Burkini Beach. With songs that detail sad goodbyes, relationships, self-doubt, mental illness and heartache, you’d expect it to be a grueling listen. However, Maier’s sense of humor shines through in otherwise depressing material. He’s released a video for the new song, “The World At Our Fingertips”, which will appear on the upcoming album. It’s very much worth your time and one of the reasons we’ve named Burkini Beach as Fresh Wax.

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