The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody Review

the flaming lips Oczy Mlody

The Flaming Lips get weird on their 17th studio album...
Warner Bros., 2017
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6.3 / 10

Obviously The Flaming Lips have been weird for a long time. They’re DETERMINED to be weird, dammit! Their most recent output before their lastest SEO-friendly album, Oczy Mlody, was the 2015 collaborative effort Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz. That album was SO DETERMINED to be weird, even going as far as Miley Cyrus gracing the cover art after receiving a facial from a leprechaun. I’m sure that Wayne Coyne and company think WEIRD is what the fans demand after their last true album, The Terror. It was a bleak concept record heavy on dystopian themes. Get back to the fun, guys! We want the goofy, far-out stuff. Oczy Mlody is the odd fun that you’ve presumably have been yearning for.

Much like The Terror or Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, the latest Flaming Lips’ record is based around a concept; though, I’d say the narrative is very loose. The album’s title, Oczy Mlody, is taken from a Polish book Blisko Domu that Coyne purchased at a used bookstore because he liked the cover. No, Coyne doesn’t speak Polish but was drawn to the words because according to Coyne, “they struck me as sounding like Oxy (as in Oxycodone) Melody.” The words actually mean “eyes of the young,” but Coyne enjoyed “Oczy Mlody” better as a title. And for this album, Oczy Mlody is the drug of the future that “uses your own sub-conscious memories and transports you to your perfect childhood happy mind.”

So in the future, people are on this drug and apparently unicorns, wizards, witches and all kinds of mystical beings from ancient folklore are very real. Or maybe the drugged up people just imagine them to be real. This is the narrative behind Oczy Mlody‘s songs. Could it all be metaphor for something greater? I wouldn’t recommend racking your brain for deeper meaning. This album feels like an effort from The Flaming Lips (a very intelligent and respected band) trying very hard to be weird. As if they have to out-weird their past material to remain relevant.

Musically the album is a solid psychedelic experience that almost begs for your own prescription to Oczy Mlody to really enjoy. But since we’re living in the present, you’ll have to use whatever LEGAL (okay, dad) recreational drugs are available to you. Oczy Mlody may be the newest drug that The Flaming Lips are peddling, but it’s not as addictive as some of the ones they’ve offered in the past.

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