Zavala – Fantasmas Review


Fantasmas and chill. Shhh...don't tell Netflix I stole their thing.
Fake Four Inc, 2017
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7.0 / 10

Chicago-based producer Alexander Zavala conjures many spirits — past, present, and future — on his album, Fantasmas. The tracks crackle with the dust of long forgotten vinyl while also tearing into dimensions yet to be realized. A longtime fan of golden era hip hop and house music born in Chicago during the ’80s, Zavala’s passions combine for nine eclectic tracks. “Ruemair & FTW” is like fast-stepping through a seedy neighborhood in a cyberpunk noir thriller. “Floats Like Empty” feels more internal; a throbbing nightmare where you’re being digested by some colossal beast and passing through its intestine. The runaway highlights of Fantasmas are “The INS” and “The IFS”. “The INS” mixes skittering synths with propulsive disco beats and complements it with chopped vocal breaths (I won’t even refer to them as words). “The IFS” plays like a funhouse mirror image of “The INS” and while both offer big thrills, “The IFS” is slightly more keyed in on texture. Much of Fantasmas is steeped in darkness; its creation inspired by “trying times” in Zavala’s life. However, that same darkness is what seduces the senses so well and will leave you intrigued.

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