Noveller – A Pink Sunset For No One Review


Noveller's eighth album is familiar, but her guitar prowess continues to amaze.
Fire Records, 2017
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6.7 / 10

A Pink Sunset For No One marks the eighth album for Sarah Lipstate, aka Noveller. Much like her past releases, the guitar virtuoso’s latest collection of instrumental music features sprawling, cinematic compositions that blossom into beautifully textured soundscapes. And it’s still hard to fathom Lipstate creating these ambient, synth-like environments using her guitar. For all of the familiar beauty that’s behind A Pink Sunset For No One, I can’t help but derive a sense of melancholy from it, as if hope cannot be found in its music.

The songs are tranquil…yet tense, as if danger isn’t immediately apparent but lurking within plain sight. “Corridors” imparts an anxious, internal struggle as the titular corridors seemingly close all around on whoever is walking within them. When Lipstate pulls back the blinds for a sliver of sunlight, it’s exhilarating. A triumphant riff tears through the dread of “Another Dark Hour” but eventually succumbs to the darkness. Maybe just as the sun sets for no one. But if you’re listening, I guess that makes you someone.

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