The Notwist – Superheroes, Ghostvillains & Stuff Review


If you think a thirteen-minute rendition of "Pilot" is noteworthy, have we got the live album for you!
Sub Pop, 2016
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8.0 / 10

There’s an odd flaw with Superheroes, Ghostvillians & Stuff, the Notwist’s latest live album: you need to be a fan of the band’s work in order to appreciate what’s done here. Yes, a work is supposed to stand on its own legs, but Superheroes works primarily as expansion, remix, and improvement of the band’s works that didn’t work as well as some that did. For example, this album’s version of “Close to the Glass” preceding this version of “Kong” feels natural and fitting, words that couldn’t be applied to the same one-two punch attempted with Close to the Glass. Also, the cuts here that originated on their breakout Neon Golden have been extended to occasionally ludicrous lengths—”Trashing Days” is now more than double its original length, while “Pilot”, the four-minute centerpiece of Golden, is thirteen minutes here, both versions leaning hard on electronic jam sessions that perform the minor miracle of turning such tightly-constructed brief tracks into spaced-out pop gems that don’t feel too big for their britches. It makes for an unendingly fascinating ninety minutes…to someone who gets what’s going on with this music. I imagine the uninitiated won’t hate this stuff.