BANKS – The Altar Review


Musical chameleon or mockingbird?
Harvest Records, 2016
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4.6 / 10

BANKS‘ debut album, Goddess, arrived with a lot of hype in 2014 after a slew of Internet successful singles. I preface successful with “Internet” because she gained her notoriety through sites like Hype Machine rather than regular radio. A few of them proved catchy, but they could all be swept under the seemingly soulless genre of electronic pop / R&B. For her latest album, The Altar, BANKS is getting edgier with songs like “Fuck With Myself” where she attempts cunnilingus with a lit flame in the song’s video. If she burned her tongue, it likely wouldn’t have affected BANKS’ singing on The Altar very much as most of the album uses some kind of modulator to change her voice. Because of this it’s never easy to get a grasp on BANKS’ identity or even think of her as a real person. Rather we get a studio manufactured robot that’s wanting to be Rihanna and FKA Twigs.

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