Aldous Harding – Aldous Harding Review


If you're a lover of sophisticated, slow-paced folk music, then you'll like this.
Flying Nun Records, 2016
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6.0 / 10

I recently reviewed Springtime Carnivore’s album, Midnight Room and declared it the perfect autumn record. By contrast, Aldous Harding’s self-titled debut feels like winter captured in audio form. The songs have a chill to them, likely due to their bleak, somber instrumentation and Harding’s refusal to crack a smile as she sings. Harding writes as if she’s two decades older than she is; making for sophisticated, introspective folk music. No surprise then that it merely drifts along for its running time, never offering a First Aid Kit style sing-along1. Harding’s debut is good in the sense that Harding is a talented writer and artist; however, it’s never fun, which kills any chance of me listening to it again.

1. “Titus Groan” gears up like it’s going to be, but then it’s just more of the same.

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