Black Marble – It’s Immaterial Review


Member Joy Division? Yeah, but remember Bauhaus? Member Chewbacca?
Ghostly International, 2016
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6.3 / 10

Changes aplenty with Black Marble’s sophomore album, It’s Immaterial. Formerly a duo, Black Marble is now the solo project of Chris Stewart. Stewart relocated from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. It’s Immaterial is being released by Ghostly International rather than Hardly Art. Lots of changes, yet one thing remains constant — the dark, goth sound of Black Marble’s music. While Stewart seems like a charming individual, his music can be chilling and suffocating. Stewart’s own voice sounds as though it’s singing through several layers of pillows covering his face. It’s all about conveying mood, and Joy Division faithful are sure to appreciate Stewart’s continued support of the mopey arts. Really your enjoyment of It’s Immaterial depends on how much nostalgia plays a part in your life — eatin’ a lot of those member-berries, are you? Otherwise, this one will get lost in the black abyss that it vividly creates.

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