Joyce Manor – Cody Review


It's still too early for these guys to start drinking Ensure.
Epitaph, 2016
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7.0 / 10

Getting older can be a bummer. That once chiseled six pack reduced to a flabby waistline. The ability to stay up into the wee hours of the night no longer a reality because sleep is a more attractive option. I’ve noticed the changes myself, and yes, it can be depressing. On Joyce Manor’s fourth full-length and second for Epitaph, Cody, they’ve channeled their pop punk rock into a narrative of growing older and becoming bummed in the process. Singer/guitarist Barry Johnson no doubt reflects on some of his own aggravations like dumb conversations about Kanye West (“Fake I.D.”), avoiding pot unless it’s needed to snooze (“Last You Heard of Me”), meaningless sex (“Over Before It Began”). Then he also paints a grim picture of a 26-year-old without an independent bone in his body. Obviously, Johnson is doing better than this made up guy, but perhaps he’s saying that he’s not too far from it. Chill, bud; you’ve got a hot band and can write strong rockers like “Make Me Dumb”. There’s plenty of time to get old and depressed.

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