Springtime Carnivore – Midnight Room Review


Midnight Room? Is that like a room where you let film develop? *snicker*
Autumn Tone Records, 2016
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8.0 / 10

So we’ve already reviewed the music of Greta Morgan once this year when she teamed up with Katy Goodman of La Sera for a covers release, Take It, It’s Yours. That album seemed like a missed opportunity to do more than just dreamier pop versions of the songs performed; however, Goodman has since followed that release up with a darn good EP. And now Morgan is releasing her sophomore effort as Springtime Carnivore, and it’s quite fantastic. Whereas Springtime Carnivore’s eponymous debut album failed to capture much of my attention1, Midnight Room is bursting with energy while sounding like a cross between albums from Sharon Van Etten and Neko Case.

On the featured single, “Face In The Moon”, you can’t help but get involved in the song’s frantic keys, which build this incredible sense of urgency. Once the handclaps come into play, they feel earned rather than forced. Morgan’s singing works spectacularly in conveying emotion while also maintaining a Fonzie coolness on songs dealing mostly with love and heartbreak. On “Nude Polaroids”, Morgan seemingly plays up the person who is able to resist someone and turn them away, but then that idea is contrasted in the very next song “Under The Spell” — “I just keep falling/ Under your spell/ Even though/ I know it so well.” These songs might not work as well without Morgan’s capable talent at the helm. She knows when to go pop but also when to pull the reigns back before things go cliché. The autumnal arrangements2 of Midnight Room‘s songs make this feel like a perfect release in October. Take in a hay ride, carve a jack-o’-lantern, and listen to Midnight Room.

1. It was a very busy 2014, okay?!
2. I guess it’s only fitting that the record is being released by Autumn Tone, right?

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