AlunaGeorge – I Remember Review


AlunaGeorge's second album I Remember is kind of forgettable.
Island, 2016
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6.4 / 10

I’m not quite sure of the influence of the BRIT Awards, but they have to mean something because getting nominated for one three years ago remains AlunaGeorge’s greatest achievement. Their previous Body Music rode a wave of goodwill to an alright critical response, and they’ve seemingly cashed in that goodwill for half a dozen guest features on the follow-up I Remember, a necessary step given the brand recognition and talent of, um, Pell and Leikeli47. This decision, along with the choice to not branch out from their brand of basically fine electro-pop, results in an album that’s never awful but never inspired, the sort of thing that demands to be heard while you’re doing other things. Does Rocket League need more licensed menu music?