Against Me! – Shape Shift with Me Review


Against Me!'s seventh full-length album feels much like their sixth, for better or worse.
Total Treble / Ingrooves, 2016
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7.0 / 10

Our official stance on Against Me!’s Transgender Dysphoria Blues essentially amounted to “the lyrics are tight, shame about the music behind it”, and Shape Shift with Me isn’t making us change our tune. The music is better this time around, with more kick and oomph to these tracks, but what was an interesting take on gender politics in punk on Blues registers here as, um, much the same take on gender politics in punk and life, and while it hasn’t become disinteresting by any stretch, there’s nothing here as eye-opening or immediate as the former’s title track. It is certainly a fine record, arguably slightly better overall than Dysphoria, but this is another album that will be more beloved for what it represents than the music it contains.