Kishi Bashi – Sonderlust Review


Kishi Bashi's third album leaves us wanting more.
Joyful Noise, 2016
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7.8 / 10

Kishi Bashi is quickly settling into a groove of pumping out pop albums that chug at the fourth gear. His trademark violin work is still present on Sonderlust, but he’s now taken to indulging his disco tendencies and singing more mindlessly about love than he’s ever done. The whole thing is about on par with his best work, but he’s starting to reach the point of diminishing returns. There’s nothing wrong with staying in your set niche of pop thrills, and there’s something to be said about an album that doesn’t have a single bad track on it, but if we’re boxing partners and he’s looking to knock me out, all he’s doing is dazing me, failing to land that one shot. Yes, I’m landing on “frustratingly good” for Sonderlust and I know how that sounds, but I’m frustrated because I want even more.