Look What Miley (hair) Did

Miley Cyrus Blonde Hair 2012

In a move that may lead you to question why it’s headline news, Miley Cyrus has chopped off her hair and dyed it incredibly blonde, earning such remarks as ‘edgy’ and ‘meh, what’s happening on ESPN’. The new look was hinted to all day yesterday via Miley’s Twitter, and I would have never known anything about it had it not been for former Girls‘ frontman Christopher Owens who retweeted the images with his own fanboy squealing.

Hairstylist Chris McMillan gave Cyrus the new Pixie hairstyle that teases an alternative lifestyle. Never fear though, Miley fans. Her engagement to Liam Hemsworth is still on, even though he’s yet to comment on whether or not he likes being engaged to Draco Malfoy.

Miley tweeted, “If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. My hair is attached to my head no one else’s and it’s going bye bye :)”, upon donning her new look that opens up new career paths that include playing women’s golf and working as an executive chef at a restaurant. Considering Miley’s power over an impressionable teen youth, expect many other young girls to follow suit in copying the hairstyle, an act that will likely horrify parents and lead to endless teasing from male teenagers, who dig chicks with hairstyles that don’t match their own.

Emo boy
Supposedly this is a guy

I’m sure many guys will still look past Miley’s dude-do as well as fashion critics, who will say that the new look is ‘courageous’ and signals a ‘grown up’ Miley. After all, they said the same thing about Britney Spears’ shaved head, right?

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