Kyle Morton – What Will Destroy You Review


He's the voice of the eleven-member Typhoon.
Typhoon Music, LLC, 2016
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7.0 / 10

Portland, Oregon’s Typhoon boast an enormous size — eleven members — but one member in particular puts the band over as something truly special. That member is frontman Kyle Morton. His voice is a tortured instrument and provides an emotional core behind the band’s frequent subjects of death and pain. The band’s music could best be described as orchestral folk; not one of the band’s eleven members is wasted. So what does this mean for a solo album from Morton. Are his songs lacking the depth of his band’s? The answer as it turns out is “no.” What Will Destroy You was mixed by Typhoon producing partner Paul Laxer, and Typhoon’s multi-layered sound still comes through. But even if Morton’s solo songs weren’t Typhoon-y, they still benefit from his sharp songwriting. Morton is one of indie’s best lyricists — painting a grim picture of love in the apocalypse (“Survivalist Fantasy”), touching on road rage (“Innuendos”), and even fantasizing a particular morbid practical joke (“Poor Bastard”). What Will Destroy You likely won’t level you as much as a Typhoon record, but Morton’s songwriting should not be missed.

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