Passenger – Young as the Morning Old as the Sea Review


Go ahead and take a break from all those really great albums and listen to Passenger.
Nettwerk Records, 2016
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2.4 / 10

Admittedly I wasn’t a fan of Passenger’s last album, Whispers. I thought it was just a cash in on a popular sound — alternative folk — and riding high off a song inclusion in a Budweiser commercial. But hey, at least there was a song good enough that could be used for a beer commercial on Whispers. It’s a struggle to find on the latest Passenger album, Young as the Morning Old as the Sea, an album so dull that your music listening device will put itself to sleep, not believing anyone could actually choose to listen to it. Okay, that’s very harsh, but it’s what this album deserves. Riddled with the most generic lyrics, they’re hidden by Mike Rosenberg’s James Blunt-y vocals, which remains his best asset. While Whispers‘ songs had various character stories, Young as the Morning Old as the Sea comes more from Rosenberg’s perspective, and it’s the typical singer/songwriter fare reflecting on the past, present, and future. There are better albums out there (especially this month!) more deserving of your time.

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