Ultimate Painting – Dusk Review


Ultimate Painting continue to grow as a duo on their third album in three years.
Trouble In Mind, 2016
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7.5 / 10

Three albums in three years. Ultimate Painting are not only consistent in their sound but also in making music. For their last album, the duo of Jack Cooper and James Hoare, switched back and forth on songs. For Dusk it sounds like more of a cohesive effort. Both singers can be heard on “Bills”; their voices melding together as they form a united front complaining about financial debt. While the pair are known as a guitar duo, they add another layer to Ultimate Painting’s sound with a Wurlitzer piano on a few of Dusk‘s songs. One of these is the absolutely gorgeous “Lead The Way”, which leads the way as the pair’s best song to date. Sounding lifted from the British invasion of the ’60s, “Lead The Way” is the sort of mellow jam that makes your biscuits that much tastier — “When he calls/ Answer then say/ Take me there/ And lead the way”. Although Ultimate Painting do display some growth on Dusk, much is still the same from their first two albums. Their snoozy sound is enjoyable and done better than some of their peers, but it can push the limits of some listeners to not nod off. If that happens, I just recommend a cup of coffee and starting over because Dusk is pretty damn good.

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