Autolux – Pussy’s Dead Review

autolux pussy's dead

Reaching happiness after Failure...
30th Century / Columbia, 2016
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7.0 / 10

Three albums isn’t a crazy amount of albums to release if you’re trying to make money in the music industry. Considering they release an album every six years, it’s safe to say that Autolux isn’t in it for the paycheck. That’s not to say they don’t stay active. Greg Edwards has been on and off with Failure during that entire time, while Carla Azar has performed and recorded with many artists including Conor Oberst and Jack White. Taking their time to release Autolux records probably works to everyone’s benefit.

Pussy’s Dead is a relaxed entry that fits well into 2016; though, at times during the record, you’d think it was 1996. The best remnants and flickers of Beck’s Odelay and The Sneaker Pimps edge their way into the static nostalgia that Pussy’s Dead somehow displays. Psych-dub plasters eardrums with each song. The three members switching main vocalist roles as the needs in the song dictates, occasionally across the same verse or phrase. It’s difficult not to appreciate the sound on this record, even if it’s simply from a, “Huh, I wonder how they did that…” sort of context.

Although I genuinely enjoy this record, it’s enjoyment by new ears will likely be dictated by setting. This is an album that’s benefitted from a long drive, especially at night. As long as one doesn’t mind zoning out, or going to a potentially dark place for 45 minutes, they’ll probably gain something out of the deal. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing disturbing on here, it’s just… not particularly happy. Dance-centric with phenomenal beats, sure. But definitely not happy.