The Dirty Nil – Higher Power Review

the dirty nil higher power

Higher Power will leave you smiling, even after it knocks your teeth out.
Dine Alone Records, 2016
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7.0 / 10

It’s exciting to finally see an official debut LP from Ontario rock trio The Dirty Nil. Earbuddy has followed the band since 2011, covering various releases from the band – singles, videos, and mixtapes. Each of those releases painted a detailed image of what to expect from The Dirty Nil, a volatile storm of punk rock embodied with wit and sneer. Higher Power lives up to the promise of The Dirty Nil’s early work with a heavy set of songs that recalls the brash attitude heard on FIDLAR’s first LP and the intelligence behind Parquet Courts’ albums.

“Wrestle Yu to Husker Du” is a particular highlight, showing off the band’s badass riffing with frontman Luke Bentham’s snarling vocals – “I don’t care about your man/Fuck him.” A song over three minutes is a long one for The Dirty Nil, so Higher Power is a quick listen. The Dirty Nil love to play fast and loud and this exuberance can sometimes work against the band creating songs, which truly connect rather than ones that simply maul your eardrums. Once they find the perfect balance between their noisy inclinations and their songwriting, The Dirty Nil is going to be on the radar of everyone. That said, Higher Power will leave you smiling, even after it knocks your teeth out.

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