Taylor Swift Releasing Full Album Cover of Ryan Adams’ 1989

ryan adams 1989

Is this too good to be true?

Likely to be one of the biggest news stories of 2016 is that Taylor Swift is set to do a full album cover of Ryan Adams‘ 2015 album, 1989. Adams’ 1989 was one of the most talked about albums in 2015, generating copious amounts of buzz when it was announced and then being quickly panned by critics upon its release. Even musical jokester Josh Tillman (aka Father John Misty) got in on the fun by covering some of the songs in a Lou Reed style. One person that did enjoy the release was Taylor Swift, who championed the Ryan Adams’ album. And to be fair, 1989 did have more than a few solid songs, so I’m not sure why Ryan Adams took flack for what could be considered one of his best written albums. Below is Ryan Adams singing his hit “Bad Blood” from 1989.

Can you imagine what a Taylor Swift version of this song might sound like?

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