Sam Smith’s iTunes Library Doesn’t Include Radiohead

sam smith is awful

New evidence proves that Sam Smith might have been telling the truth!

In case you haven’t heard, the latest James Bond flick Spectre has more than one theme song; it’s just the crappier one was chosen for the movie. Golden Globes winner Sam Smith was surprised to learn that his Spectre single, “Writing’s on the Wall”, wasn’t the only theme song for the movie — Radiohead had released one that shared the same title as the film.

When asked about the song at a Golden Globes press conference and whether he was surprised by Thom Yorke released the song on Christmas, Smith simply replied, “Thom Yorke?” AND THE INTERNET EXPLODED!

Of course, Sam Smith followed up his response of “Thom Yorke?” by answering, “Not going to lie, a little bit surprised, but I haven’t listened to it personally because I did the Spectre theme song.”

However, the biggest question in all of this is whether or not Sam Smith knows who Thom Yorke is or is aware of his legendary band’s music. I mean, OK Computer, how could you HAVE NOT heard that album?! Well, would you also be shocked to learn that Sam Smith isn’t aware of these bands either: Oasis, Biffy Clyro, Blur, Arctic Monkeys, and The Beatles. When looking into his music library (obtained solely through imagination), the only music that appears are songs by Adele (no doubt trying to live up to his “male Adele” fame), Disclosure, and Sam Smith! It all makes sense. He has no time to listen to these other bands or know who Radiohead is because he’s obsessed with himself. Not really a strong revelation in our current age of narcissism.

Listen to Radiohead’s Bond theme “Spectre” below.

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