Speedy Ortiz Announces New Tour Dates in 1994

speedy ortiz band

Boston snack-rock band Speedy Ortiz has been busy. Between 2013 and now, they’ve released two full length albums (Major Arcana, Foil Deer), an EP (Real Hair), and toured extensively through the U.S. Having won the Boston Music Awards for “artist of the year”, “album of the year”, and “song of the year” last month, the band has decided to extend their tour dates. On the new shows, Darl Ferm (bass) says: “We decided to keep our momentum going, so we’re going to play some shows, mostly on the west coast in 1994. But we may try to hit CBGB’s too, since it will still be open that year.”

The unconventional time frame of Speedy Ortiz’s tour will come as no surprise to fans. The band’s ’90s-inspired sound and throwback visual aesthetics are keys to their success. Channeling sounds of the best of Pavement, Built to Spill, or Dinosaur Jr., the band will likely receive a warm reception in 1994, where fans have thus far experienced music without Speedy Ortiz. Select dates with That Dog., Sugar, and Pavement have been rumored, but there’s no official confirmation as of yet. The band plans to return to the road in 2016 with the Sasquatch Festival in May.

You can check the band’s Facebook page for a full list of dates here. Check out the awesome new video of Foil Deer‘s “My Dead Girl” below. You can order the album from Carpark Records or their Bandcamp store.