Ty Segall Plans to Release 52 Albums this Year

Ty Segall

Ty Segall by Denée Petracek

Ty Segall’s first release of 2016 is Emotional Mugger, to be released on Drag City Records. And yet, he’s already behind schedule. Instead of resolving to eat healthier, quit smoking, or volunteer more with the community, the California-based songwriter has resolved to release an album every week in 2016. While 52 albums may seem like an awful lot of music, Segall fans will recognize that this is only 12 albums more than he released in 2015, and only 6 albums more than he released in 2014. This comes off the heels of last year’s almost-successful resolution of “make a guest appearance at every rock show on the West coast.”

Emotional Mugger will be Segall’s 8th(ish) studio album release, with his last full-length being the terrific double-album Manipulator. The only music to be released ahead of the new album is a video of a band with turbo-creepy baby masks, and you should be sure to check it out here. With Emotional Mugger coming out on the 22nd on January, Segall seems be about two weeks behind his own curve. To catch up, he may need to plan some releases with White Fence or Fuzz.

You can pre-order Emotional Mugger from Drag City, or you can call the Emotional Mugger hotline at: 1-800-281-2968.