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Singles Buffet

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Titus Andronicus – “The Hills” (The Weeknd Cover)

A punk band covering The Weeknd‘s single, “The Hills”, taken from his new album, Beauty Behind The Madness? The punk band being Titus Andronicus…well, that’s just insane considering the band’s spastic nature. However, this is exactly what happened when Titus Andronicus stopped by Sirius XM. Prepare to feel uncomfortable.

Titus Andronicus do better with punk music and deserve your likes HERE.

Tobtok – “Shelter” ft. Alex Mills

I’ll take shelter in any song featuring the lovely, dynamic vocals of Alex Mills. Here, she teams up with heart-thumping, fist-pumping Swedish producer Tobtok, and the results are extraordinary.

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Autre Ne Veut – “World War Pt. 2” (Age of Transparency Vol. II: The Avatar Sessions)

I’m sure most of you enjoyed Autre Ne Veut’s creepy video for “World War Pt. 2”. Well, the musician recorded an alternate version of the song with the accomplished jazz trio the Hazelrigg Brothers. It’s a different take on the original that will leave you wishing for an entire jazz-based album from Autre Ne Veut.

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Younghusband – “Waverly Street”

UK band Younghusband’s new single, “Waverly Street”, has a remarkably vintage sound. You’d almost expect dust to come floating out of your speakers while it’s playing. Never clocking its listeners on the heads with mallet heavy riffs, its gentle approach to rock will leave you smiling and enjoying that first cup of coffee (assuming your drinking coffee while listening).

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John Carpenter – “Purgatory” (Prurient Remix)

Maybe you’re a fan of the films by director John Carpenter. If so, then you’re likely a fan of his original compositions that often soundtrack his films — Halloween, The Fog, Big Trouble In Little China. Well, not too long ago he released an album full of compositions never used for his films, titled Lost Themes. Now there’s remix album on the way featuring this dark new version of “Purgatory” courtesy of Prurient.

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GEMS – “Tangled Memories”

LA duo Lindsay Pitts and Clifford John Usher, aka GEMS, have polished off a shiny diamond of a new single with “Tangled Memories”. Straddling the line between ’90s radio pop and modern R&B (think How To Dress Well), “Tangled Memories” will get tangled in your brain for hours and definitely gives listeners a reason to be excited about GEMS’ forthcoming debut full-length album, Kill the One You Love.

More shiny GEMS can be found HERE.

Ryan Hemsworth & Lucas – “Angel”

Ryan Hemsworth makes it into the Singles Buffet once again this week with the new collaborative track “Angel” that he made with Seattle-based producer Lucas. “Angel” is part of a collaborative EP recorded by the pair that many of you are likely going to be anticipating after hearing “Angel”. Easy on the ears with its smooth ambient textures and glittered by subtle glitches, there’s no way you can resist its charm.

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Summer Flake – “The Sun Won’t Shine”

Okay, so you may need to crank up your volume to hear “The Sun Won’t Shine” just a little better. While the sound quality is a bit on the low side, it does get a little crunchy at times with its riffs. Summer Flake is the project of Aussie Stephanie Crase, who is finally making her way stateside courtesy of new EP Time Rolls By. Don’t let her single roll by without giving it a listen.

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Pictureplane – “Technomancer”

“Manipulate your machine/ You’re a technomancer” — that’s the chorus from Pictureplane‘s new single, which is the title track to his forthcoming October LP. I have to admit, it’s kind of goofy and the music itself plays like old school electronica. However, we could all use a feeling of nostalgia sometimes, so why not give it a listen…and maybe a laugh.

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Synkro – “Shoreline” (ft. Robert Manos)

Very soft ambient textures decorate Synkro’s new single, “Shoreline”. Featuring guest vocals from Robert Manos, the new song would be the perfect soundtrack to a moonlight walk on the beach.

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