Feral Conservatives – The Feeling Noise Becomes Review

feral conservatives the feeling noise becomes

The next big thing, eventually, maybe.
EggHUNT Records, 2015
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5.8 / 10

I’ll give credit where it is due: I would have never known that Feral Conservatives consist of only two people if I hadn’t looked it up. Their sound suggests a four-piece band, and the technical chops required to pull off their act are kind of astounding. With that said, if you’ve heard any band that counts Husker Du as an influence, you’ve heard this before: every part sounding like a chorus, chugging music about stuff and other things, and a belter of a vocalist. The Feeling Noise Becomes shows off an act that has enough energy to go far, but I’ll hold off on calling them the next big thing until they show off something that makes them stand out beyond their execution.