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With only one song to their credit so far, fans of London Grammar and Daughter are invited to get on the ground floor when checking out Melbourne duo Arctic Maps. Comprised of Freya Bennett and Nathan Power (NPOWA), they mix moody production and gorgeous vocals for an instantly captivating listen. Of course, when we make this claim, we’re using their debut single, “The Ocean Is My Cathedral”, as evidence. According to the band, “The Ocean Is My Cathedral” is a lament to a friendship lost and was inspired by a photo taken by New Zealand photographer Connie McDonald and also touches on environmental themes. We believe you’ll love this single and want to follow Arctic Maps’ output in the future. Check out “The Ocean Is My Cathedral” and learn more about the band in this edition of Fresh Wax.

Who are the members of the band and what are their roles?

Freya Bennett writes most of the songs/lyrics and sings with that silky silky voice. Nathan Power (NPOWA) handles the production and arrangement side of things and contributes super quiet backing vocals (usually hidden beneath a layer of synths).

What attracted you to the music of your influences — London Grammar, MS MR, Daughter?

We love great pop music and there’s been a great surge recently with a heap of indie artists hitting the main stage. 2014 was a fantastic year for live music in Australia, we managed to see a ton of our favorite acts play live! London Grammar are one of our particular favorites, Hannah’s voice is so powerful and the way their tracks fit together is beautiful, never too much, never too little.

What are you working on toward the future? Have you been signed yet?

We’ve got a couple things planned for the next 6 months. First up we’ve got a cover of a fantastic Australian artist coming out in the next couple of weeks. We reconstructed a song we love and made it super lush, really beautiful and we’re super excited to put it out. We’ve started working on some new originals (Freya’s been in New York for the last month so she’s frantically writing lyrics about her travel experiences) and we’ve also got an official Arctic Maps remix on the cards for a little later in the year.

No label support yet, something to think about for the future but we’re happy to be independent for now.

What themes generally interest you when writing your music; where do you draw inspiration from?

We’re both bleeding hearts, we have a deep desire to express our emotions through our music. We focus a lot on love, regret, relationships, a lot of the things that most songs are about. We also have a heavy interest in environmentalism. That said there’s also a silly side to both of us, we’re currently working on a song about puppy love.

Assuming someone remixes your single, who would you love to remix it?

Ooooooh so many! Would love to hear Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) cover “The Ocean Is My Cathedral”. Or Chet Faker!

If it was a straight out remix, we’d have to go with Flight Facilities, they’ve been making some of the funkiest dance tracks of the last 5 years.

Okay, tough question now. If you had to choose between saving a forest of trees from destruction or working with Alex Turner on a pro-environmentalism type song, which would you choose and why?

Goddamn that’s a hard one hahaha…

Who wouldn’t want to spend a day with Alex Turner? But the trees….! We’d have to do the song with Alex BUT we’d donate all proceeds towards reforestation efforts (and hopefully make a damn fine song to further environmentalist causes).

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