An Earbuddy Interview with Leggy


Have you heard of Leggy? You should have. We love ’em, and they’re just getting started. You always brag about how you’re an “early adopter”, so get on the Leggy Train before everyone else is all like “of course I like Leggy, I have one of the first edition cassettes of Cavity Castle.” Earbuddy got a chance to talk to the band about their debut, Gilmore Girls, and what your grandma thinks of their music.

How’s it going?
Véronique Allaer: Very well!
Kerstin Bladh: Great. Who dey!
Christopher Campbell: Pretty rad.

Pitch your band to an indie-rock audience!
V: Hey y’all! Listen to LEGGY, a reverb heavy dream-pop trio . . .
K: …too fuzzy for yr parents…
C: …too sweet not to love.

Now pitch your band to that audience’s grandma!
V: Hi Ma’am, our band is like The Rolling Stones meets Christina Aguilera! By the way, I’d love to hear how you keep your greys looking so silvery fresh. . .
K: We sound like if Ted Kennedy quit politics to start a band with a stewardess.
C: Hello, yr looking beautiful today 😉 Yr perm is out of this world! Speaking of out of this world, you should come see my band this weekend, we’re just some good hearted, hardworking kids playing rock n’ roll music you can dance to – like Nancy Sinatra but faster and louder. By the way yr grandchild says hello and that they miss you and love you!

Was that fun?
C: Yeah! Kind of nerve wracking though – I just hope our pitches get out there and we start seeing some grandparents at our shows.

Speaking of fun things, you’re just off of a tour. Did you bring a lot of candy with you on the road?
V: No, we brought a lot of “healthy” food that stayed in the storage compartment of the van basically the whole trip! We had good intentions. Candy was a frequent gas store purchase.
K: I still have two unopened packs of Kale Chips.
C: Steady diet of nothing (but Skittles).

I know this question gets asked a lot, but hey, I like the classics: what was your favorite thing about the summer tour?
C: All of the shows were incredible and super fun, but we played an extremely memorable house show in Boston.
V: I have so many favorite parts of tour! I really enjoyed visiting so many new cities: St. Louis, Milwaukee, Boston etc. The shopping was great too.

What was the worst part? I mean besides when Chris threw the minibar out of the hotel window (PRINGLES FOR 10 BUCKS A CAN ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!)?
C: The worst part was that it had to end so soon. We can’t wait to get back out in November/December!

Why is it that Chris never seems to show off his legs? Is he not a team player?!
C: I just didn’t want my legs to be a distraction or anything. I was a leg model growing up.

How do you feel about being labeled a “girl band”? It seems like some folks reject that kind of categorization, but a name like “Leggy” seems to invite it.

V: I don’t see that categorization as a negative thing at all. Most of the artists and groups I listen to, especially the ones I really adore, are female driven. When we were coming up with possible names, a lot of them were pretty feminine sounding. I definitely assumed from the start that we would probably be considered a “girl band”. Chris is all about girl-power, he actually has a Minor in Women’s & Gender studies!
K: I don’t mind terms like “girl-driven” or “girl-fronted” because I think that can just be descriptive of the vocals or the image of the band. However, “girl band” is often used dismissively and suggests that the band should only be judged as compared to other “girl bands,” or that every girl-fronted band will automatically have similar strengths and weaknesses. In other words, I think the word “girl” should only be used descriptively and not prescriptively.
C: Dudes… I have to take a stand now and say, publicly, that we’re totally, absolutely, definitely a band. Not a “girl” band. Just a band.

Your debut EP, Cavity Castle, is flush with good songs. Did you do that on purpose?
C: Well when we first started playing together Vero stopped mid-practice and was like “do y’all wanna play like, mostly good songs, or write like a few good ones but mostly bad ones?”. Luckily we all agreed that night and decided that trying to write good songs was the way to go in this situation. So I guess it was on purpose.

Did writing these songs come naturally? Or was it like pulling teeth? I like puns.
V: Well it’s interesting. High Heeled Shoes and Honey were written back in high school, then I didn’t really write or play music at all during college. The summer after I graduated was crazy. I was still living in DC, and my roommates, and I were going out every night, over indulging in every vice possible. Then on July 4th I broke my hip, which meant I was bound to the apartment all day. On top of it all, I was totally blind-sided by this rich prick I had been infatuated with. That’s when I started writing again, and the songs came pretty quickly. A lot of the lyrics/ song outlines from Cavity Castle are from that summer.
C: Everything felt really natural for the most part. Veronique had already written most of the lyrics, melodies, and guitar parts so when we got together it was just about jamming things out. Plus we’ve been friends for like ten years which probably helped.

What’s up with the name Cavity Castle, anyways?
K: Before “Leggy” we played a few shows as “Sweet Teeth”. Between that name & all the candy that was in our place, we started calling the apartment “Cavity Castle”. Naming the EP Cavity Castle just felt fitting; it was our first creation as friends / bandmates / roommates.

The three of you, living together as a band in an apartment, sounds like it could be an NBC sitcom or something. Is this like Friends? Or maybe like Gilmore Girls where they had that subplot where Lane was living with the rest of Hep Alien. I mean, that show’s cool right?
K: It’s like the Hep Alien situation if the gender ratio were reversed. Chris is totally Lane.

Now that Breaking Bad is over, is it safe to sell my television, or is there other stuff I should be watching?
V: Pretty Little Liars
C: I’ve had the same 15 X-Files vhs tapes on heavy rotation for a couple years now so I’m not sure if I’m of much help here.
K: I will second Pretty Little Liars but also add my favorite– Mad Men. I’m a sucker for mid-century design and history. Plus, Don Draper rivals Walter White for best anti-hero.

Why are we talking about TV? Let’s talk about music: what are you listening to right? What’s on heavy rotation?
V: Currently listening to a ton of Kitty (formerly Kitty Pryde). I feel like I discovered her 2 years after everyone else so I’m binging / playing catch up. Also, a lot of Cherry Glazerr and The Casket Girls.
K: Girls Names, Cheap Time, Splassh. I listen to “Wakin on a Pretty Daze” by Kurt Vile almost every day during my bus commute. I’ve also been re-listening to The Men’s most recent album. It’s got an REM vibe.
C: Public Housing – Public Housing; Pretty Pretty – Leather Weather 7”; IAN – IAN; Flykills – 10 Songs; SMUT – Purse.

What is the worst album from a great band? I’m convinced it’s Never Let Me Down by David Bowie. He really let me down.
V: I’m gonna go with Vision Valley by the Vines. I was obsessed with their first two albums, couldn’t get into the third.
K: I haven’t really given this deep thought because that would require some serious catalog searching, but in the recent past I wasn’t into the Magnetic Fields’ last album. They’re my favorite band so my expectations are always high but it just didn’t have any tracks that made me think “OMG Stephin Merritt, we’re emotional twins and you should write every pop song.”

Do you have any questions for me?
V: Do you ever pretend we’re playing the song “Alexander” for **you**, Alex Daniel??? 😉

… Are you telling me that song is not about me? [EDITOR’S NOTE: the interviewer takes three minutes to sob uncontrollably before recollecting himself.]

A couple of days ago, I was in a really crowded bar. There was a ton of people there and it was really smoky, so I wasn’t having a good time at all. I was getting up to leave, but one of the payphones in the corner started to ring. I walked over and picked it up, and I heard someone on the other end say that Leggy has new material on the horizon. Could you elaborate on that?
V: It’s true! We’re recording again in October. The newer songs are darker, but just as fast; more complex but still lo-fi dreamy punk pop .

At the end of the month, Leggy (awesome) will be sharing the stage with EMA (awesome), Speedy Ortiz (awesome), and Ex-Hex (awesome). What else can we expect from Leggy in the coming weeks/months?
V: New songs, followed by a longer tour than before – plus we’re getting international; heading to Canada this time! We’ve never been, soooo excited.

Thanks for taking time out to talk!

We’d like to thank Leggy for taking time out of the candy-filled schedules to talk with us. They are playing SATURDAY NIGHT (9/27/2014) at Midpoint Music Fest in Cincinnati. If you can’t go, be sure to check out Leggy on Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp. But actually, it’d be nice if you checked out that stuff anyways, even if you do go. And please ask them what their favorite candy is. I totally forgot to ask.