Chuck Cirino – Chopping Mall Original Motion Picture Score Review

Waxwork Records' release of the Chopping Mall soundtrack immediately tapped into my nostalgia and love of ‘80s horror cinema.
Waxwork Records, 2014
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7.0 / 10

Malls can be scary places as Dawn of the Dead proved in the ‘70s and then later again in the early ‘00s. Despite the fear instilled by flesh-eating zombies, perhaps terror in an enclosed shopping facility was best captured in 1986’s Chopping Mall that found yuppie mall workers not on the run from zombies but robot security guards, lovingly referred to as “Killbots”. Okay, so the film wasn’t exactly scary or profound as George Romero’s zombie classic, but it was fun, which was something that ‘80s horror movies captured better than most along with copious amounts of bloodshed.

Waxwork Records is a label that loves the horror film genre and ‘80s horror in particular, and they know there’s an audience out there that would appreciate a vinyl pressing (in cool colors no less) of Chopping Mall’s film score by Chuck Cirino. Not owning a vinyl copy of the score but listening to a promotional MP3 version, I’m missing out on half the fun. The half I got to experience, when hearing this soundtrack complete with titles like “Shopping Death”, “Zombiebot”, and “Love Theme”, was being transported to my youth when I’d watch these type of movies on late night HBO and Cinemax.

It immediately tapped into my nostalgia and love of ‘80s horror cinema, even with its somewhat cheesy score that sounds like a mash-up of the Nightmare On Elm Street theme and the disco-pop score for Friday The 13th: Part 3. Aside from a few exceptions — love the Goblin-esque “Showdown” — a listener can get the general idea of the score after the first four compositions. That said, I listened to the whole thing and wanted to watch Chopping Mall immediately after and get a copy of the vinyl from the fine folks at Waxwork. It’s nice to see a label doing something different that not only appeals to music lovers and vinyl collectors but movie fans as well.

Key Tracks:
“Main Title”

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