Jesse Jo – “Baby Love”

Jessie Jo

She’s equal parts Morticia Adams and Alison Mosshart. That got you interested? Then you’ll likely want to know more about Jesse Jo Stark. The singer/songwriter will release her debut EP Down Your Drain on September 3rd. The new release was produced by The Sex Pistols’ Steve Jones and is preceded by the tasty “Baby Love”.

With ties to the fashion industry and an appreciation of the 1950s, Stark is likely to draw comparisons to another young singer with the initials LDR. But surely there’s plenty of love to go round.

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  1. Pete Ford

    i listened…yet more nepotistic low-grade crud for the world to enjoy. seems right now there’s too many fevered parents seeking to thrust their no talent offspring down our necks in the arts…and this one is fabricated to look funky and freeels ..woah..a ‘sex pistol’ involved….man..who cares… that was 40 years ago..get a life..
    Parents with music industry connections and a desire to have famous kids…please stop.
    No talent. nice, sweet, sweet kids. but no on the music. just no. please.

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