An Earbuddy Interview with Anton Rothstein of Lower

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While Copenhagen’s brilliant Lower just released their debut LP, Seek Warmer Climes. We had the opportunity to speak with Anton Rothstein, the drummer from Lower about irony, the creation of their album, and what’s going on with the guy on their album’s artwork (maybe).

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to talk with us!
You are very welcome.

How’s it going?
It’s going quite well, thank you. We just returned from a two-legged tour in the States and Europe. Time to take it easy for a second.

How’s it feel to have Seek Warmer Climes out and inside peoples’ heads?
It has been on its way for what seems forever – it’s been a long and at times tiresome process. So it definitely feels incredible to finally have it out.

What do you guys find yourselves listening to these days?’
Total Control, Dean Blunt, Prince Far I, Janka Nabay & the Bubu Gang, Roxy Music, Popcaan and Murderer.

Last night I went to a show with a Catalonian band called Una Bèstia Incontrolable. They were really good. I would like to buy their record.

What’s going on with this guy on the cover of Seek Warmer Climes? He looks like he’s stuck on Mars.
He’s just taking a little break.

Could you tell us a little about the album’s title and its origin? Is it to be read as “Lower Seek Warmer Climes”, or are you telling the audience “hey you, seek warmer climes!”?
I guess you can read it any way you want to. It’s a line from a song on the record. It’s about escaping everything cold.

I have to know, in the video of “Soft Option”, were you guys listening to the song, or in the middle of conversation, or in complete silence? What’s going on?
No we were having an important conversation and wanted that in the video, but we ended up deciding to exclude all (verbal) dialogue in the video and keep the facial expressions.

So many musicians these days seem to be gravitated towards irony, but one of the great things about your record is how earnest it is – in its music and in its lyrics. Was this a conscious decision?
Thank you. Honesty is a very important factor to all of us in the band.

I think there are different ways of handling irony. Irony can be a force when you’re writing lyrics – it can be useful as a tool to clarify what you’re actually saying. But if you choose to use irony in your lyrics, there has to be a fine balancing between the serious and the humorous. Some lyricists tend to forget this balance and then their lyrics end up lacking the honesty necessary for a good read. I am sure [singer] Adrian thinks that irony can be useful, and I guess he uses it sometimes. You just have to know how to weigh it. It’s a matter of priority really.

The band goes through a lot of different moods, tempos, and styles on Seek Warmer Climes – did the band conceive these songs as a whole or track by track?
We wrote the songs one after the other, over a quite extensive period of time, so definitely track by track. Some songs were written very close to each other though.

How’s touring been with the new record out?
It hasn’t changed much yet. It’s only been officially for three shows or so, so we’ll see!

I know it’s early, but are there any plans for new material on the horizon? If so, could you tease us with what it sounds like?
We don’t want to hold back writing and playing new material just because we’re touring with this record. We’re looking forward to the next record already!

Who would win in a fight for physical supremacy: Lower or Iceage?
The answer to that question is too obvious to write.

Thanks for all that you guys do – Seek Warmer Climes is great, and we can’t wait to hear more!
Thank you!

Lower is currently touring Europe, so be sure to catch them at these dates! Don’t be a fool and miss out on Seek Warmer Climes — it’s an excellent record, but you already knew that, right? You can follow Lower on Facebook as well as Bandcamp.